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Christine M. Bond

BNI Founding Region

Director Consultant

My BusinessProud to be an actively participating BNI Member since March 2003. I also have the pleasure of being a BNI Director Consultant. I am a member of a professional team that believes in, understands and carries out best practices, while promoting BNI core values in a positive, supportive and fun atmosphere!

Ideal ReferralTrustworthy business professionals who enjoy being part of and actively engaging with a team. They are looking to increase their business through a structured, positive professional word of mouth program that enables them to develop long term meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

Top ProductMy specialty is the President experience. I also facilitate Advanced Member Success Program workshops, as well as Bi-Annual Leadership and Support Team Training conferences and workshops.

Top Problem SolvedHelping members figure out how to get the most out of their BNI experience, especially when they are brand new members. I help them to understand and access the resources available to them through BNI so that they can develop a sound strategy for a positive and rewarding "giving and receiving" experience.

My Favorite BNI StoryMy favorite BNI story is my own experience. I want to pay it forward as often as I can! I love how BNI, a structured and supportive system, helped me to launch my own personal business, as well as help me to develop both personally and professionally.